Thermal Therapy

PF-1 Parafix

The paraffin bath is most populary employed for thermotherapy in the rehabilitation field. The character of paraffin displays less sensitivity of heat against the affected part than that of the actual paraffin heat, and there is also less temperature loss from heat evaporation enabling temperature retention for many hours to produce superior thermotherapeutic results. The melted paraffin spreads evenly over bony prominence and uneven surface to provide a great effect on the deep tissues, and it also assures removing body wastes and making skin smooth.

PF-1A (for upper limbs) PF-1B (for lower limbs)


Power source AC100V 50/60Hz
Power consumption 920VA
Safety devices  Thermostat (70℃±5℃)
Temperature setting range 47~60℃
Timer Built-in digital weekly timer
Purification of paraffin Built-in filter
Tank inner dimensions W270 x L600 x D275mm
Capacity of tank 44liters approx.  (paraffin: 35liters approx.)
Outer dimensions PF-1A: W420 x L940 x H850mm
PF-1B: W420 x L940 x H500mm
Materials SUS316:Tank、ABS:Exterior
Weight  PF-1A: 50kg approx.
PF-1B: 45kg approx.